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Water Ingress


Arguably damp issues can be prevented through the practice of regular maintenance and servicing. If you notice a damp patch, staining or have any concerns please contact us and we can assess the problem and provide a quotation for rectification.
As with any issue of this type, the quicker the issue is addressed the better.


Guidance Notes:

Readings between 0 - 15% - No cause for concern.

Readings between 15 - 20% - Requires further investigation. Compare with the caravan average reading. Consider asking to recheck the area in 3 months

Readings greater than 20% - will identify areas needing remedial work. There may be early signs of water ingress or evidence of moisture. Again, it may be worth considering a recheck after 3 months. When readings go above 30% then structural damage may be occurring and deterioration is inevitable. 
Approved workshop


It is usually recommended that the joints of your caravan/motorhome are renewed at least every 5/6 years this can be carried out by our fully qualified technicians to maintain your vehicle using manufacturers recommended materials. 


Damp issues due to damaged or broken down seals causing softening of wallboards/staining of wallboards and wet framework.  The remedial work required or extent of water ingress is usually a full strip down of wallboard and timber framework.  Then the area is dried out and rebuilt as per manufacturers guidelines and materials.  Then after all the necessary interior work has been completed, the exterior joints are resealed using specialist sealants to avoid any further leaks.

How to Prevent Damp Issues

Annual Servicing by Approved Factory Trained Technicians – this will also validate any manufacturer’s warranty.
Full periodic examination of all seals and joints for any signs of deterioration, damage and possible water ingress
We advise that all joints are resealed at least every 5 years by a fully qualified factory trained technician to avoid any damp water ingress issues.    If you are one of our regular service customers we will carry out a damp check free of charge if you have any concerns between your annual service dates.


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